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Just as important as knowing the sex offender laws is also knowing your legislators who are behind making the laws. Change will only happen through active participation by us making our voices heard, yet few of us know who are legislators are.


H.O.S.T is committed to spreading the word and encouraging you to voice your opinions.  Information will be updated as soon as H.O.S.T is aware of any changes are made and the official sites will remain your best method to verify it, but we will post the information here so you can find it easier.



To follow legislation you need to determine if the bill is a national or a state law.  If national it will go through the US Senate and US House.  If state it will go through the state's Senate and the State's House.  Bills going through the Senate begin with S.  Bills going through the House begin with HR. There is no set order of the two branches it must go through first or second.  If it goes first through the Senate it will then go through the House.  If it first goes through the House it will then go through the Senate.  A bill must pass through both branches before it will be considered law.  State bills fo to the govenor while national bills go to the president.


When do we vote again?


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