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Legislation Alaska

Alaska Counties
Alaska Judicial Circuits

State bills will go through the State Senate and the State House. Bills going through the Senate begin with S.  Bills going through the House begin with HR. There is no set order of the two branches it must go through first or second.  If it goes first through the Senate it will then go through the House.  If it first goes through the House it will then go through the Senate.  A bill must pass through both branches before it will be considered law. State bills fo to the govenor while national bills go to the president.

Govenor of Alaska Sean Parnell


Lieutienant Govenor of Alaska Mead Treadwell


Alaska Attorney General Michael C. Geraghty


Alaska Statewide Prosecution


U.S. Senators representing Alaska should not be confused with Alaska State Senators.  Each state has two US Senators, and each state's two make up the 100 U.S. Senators.  However, there are far more than 100 total senators.


Alaska US Senator Dan Sullivan

Alaska US Senator Lisa  Murkowski


Alaska U.S. House Representatives should not be confused with Alabama House Representatives. Alaska has 1 US State Represantive.

Alaska Senate

Alaska State Senators should not be confused Alaska US Senators.  Alaska has 20 state House of Representatives and are assigned districts.

Alaska House

Alaska State House Representatives should not be confused Alaska US House of Representatives. Alaska has 40 state House of Representatives.

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