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What kind of transition services are available for sex offenders?

H.O.S.T. provides consulting with transition issues including sex offender housing and many other services. We are aware that not everybody has money, and yes we do assist indigent people.


We can determine your sex offender housing needs whether it's for someone currently incarcarated due to be released soon or whether they've already been released.  We offer sex offender housing whether the offender is serving probation or not.  We have offender housing that not only meets the restriction requirements but that also willfit your financial budget.


Our rent includes transportaion servies that covers a weekly trip to any service related to legal, medical or basic transitional services.  Transportation services are not unlimited, and are subject to terms, but they can provide they basics such as once a week grocery shopping needed for those without their own vehicle.


Generally we offer private homes that are shared by with other offenders.  We offer both private as well as shared rooms.  Prices cannot be quoted until we have the specific location determined and prices are sometimes a bit higher or lower based on room specifics.  In general private rooms usually start at $700.


Room specifics vary per location but in general rent will include basic furniture such as a bed and dresser. Electric is included. A television is included in most locations.  Houses are furnished with refrigarator, washer, and sometimes dryer.  Specifics will be discussed when the available location is determined.


There is a benefit to sharing a home with fellow offenders because they too simply asked for a second chance and roommates can become mentors.  We do not tolerate any behavior that would jeaporize any other offenders probation or safety.


Sex offender housing however is only the beginning of the services we offer.  All of our plans include placement in eligible sex offender housing for the offender that meets both DOC and FDLE regulations. We will coordinate with the prison if the offender is still incarcarated, so they will be able to move in on their day of release.  If the offender is not currently incarcarated but on probation we can coordinate with DOC to have the probation transferred.


H.O.S.T. can pick up the offender if they arrive by Greyhound bus.  We will escort them to all their initial obligations.  That's right, escort.  We can be, not only their transportation, but also also their friend when support and encouragement is needed most.  After all legal obligations are fulfilled we can escort them to many other necessarry places to fulfill their needs that will address clothing needs, initial food needs, hygiene needs, medical needs and more.


Next we will help them in our office we will not just assist, but process applications for food stamps, social security, cell phones or anything else they may qualify for.  Many offenders are restricted from the internet, meaning technically they can't be using the internet, even when  they are provided access to a computer. Not all offenders are restricted from the internet, but for those that are this presents a huge barrier for the major challange most face next, the job search.  We turn that problem into a solution.


The job search is an extremely fustrating time for most offenders.  Many offenders get through their first week through our support and manage to accomplsih everything they were legally obligated to.  It's the following weeks that become challenging because everybody tells them they need a job, but nobody helps them get a job.  That is, nobody did until they found  H.O.S.T. Instead of being told to fill out job applications on line, which many can't, H.O.S.T. can work with them to not only develop a resume, but also to build a database of information about their information so that H.O.S.T. can submit the applications for them through simple phone calls where the offender may not even have to come back to the office.  We can continue to provide this support as long as it takes.  We are not an employment agency, nor could we possibly guarentee their employment but we can and do consider it an urgent need until it's accomplished.


Not all plans cover all services.  We have different plans available.  Cater your needs to what makes the most sense in your situation.  Click on the link for plans and prices at the top of the page for a complete breakdown.

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