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Find Your Own House

Advice and suggestions are always free of charge


To Rent or Buy?

The question to rent or buy is your first question.  Obvioulsy rental has the advantage of lower initial costs but it also has the addeded complexity for offenders of not passing the background check the landlord may require.


The best approach is to tackle the first questions that have nothing to do with offender status.  In other words you still want to consider the general location of the residence and your financial ability.  Once you've determined those we can handle the next part for you.


The offender status adds complexity to the transaction.  That's why we can take it from this step.  For a small fee we will consider your finances, location desired and offender restrictions and do the looking for you.  This is something your average real estate agent won't touch.  We will not become your real estate agent, rather we will point you to the appropriate party doing the selling but only after we've verified that it would be a suitable location for the offender that meets their restrictions as well as verifying the landlord will rent to an offender.


This fee is generally $500, but only $100 is due upfront and the reamining $400 is not due until we provide you with the location. You may not actually rent or purchase the first location we provide but if you decline we will continue to submit additional locations until you do.  There is no time limit, until you close a deal your fee continues to cover more potentianls until you are satisfied with a location.  

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