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Living Restrictions Florida

Miami-Dade County

Florida statute


Verify the official state statute by clicking on the above link.  Legislation may change that H.O.S.T. is not yet aware of.  We are not affiliated with the state of Florida by any means.  Information obtained from our website is not guarenteed to be current.  We try our best to update all pages as soon as possible when it is brought to our attention of a change.  Your commetns are welcomed.  

Listing of Florida Miami-Dade County's Sex Offender Residency Ordiances. 



City                        Restriction           Ordinance    Effective Date

Miami Dade County Ordianace 281

It is unlawful for any person who has been convicted of a violation of Section 794.011 (sexual battery), 800.04 (lewd and lascivious acts on/in presence of persons under age 16), 827.071 (sexual performance by a child), 847.0135(5) (sexual acts transmitted over computer) or 847.0145 (selling or buying of minors for portrayal in sexually explicit conduct), Florida Statutes, or a similar law of another jurisdiction, in which the victim or apparent victim of the offense was less than sixteen (16) years of age, to reside within 2,500 feet of any school.


Bay Harbor Islands

Bal Harbour

Biscayne Park                  2500 feet                       11-103                 7/1/2005

Coral Gables

Florida City

Golden Beach


Hialeah Gardens

Homestead                       2500 feet                      17-27

Indian Creek

Key Biscayne

Medley                              2500 feet                      41-42

Miami                                2500 feet                      37-7

Miami Beach                     2500 feet                     70-402

Miami Gardens

Miami Shores Village        2500 feet                      15-12

Miami Springs

North Bay Village              2500 feet                     131-033

North Miami

North Miami Beach           2500 feet                     9-29

Opa locka                         2500 feet                      15-117

Palmetto Bay                    2500 feet                      19-1

Pinecrest                          2500 feet                     16-33

South Miami

Sunny Isles Beach           2500 feet                      222-4


Sweetwater                       2500 feet                    38-4 

Virginia Gardens               2500 feet                     11-33       

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