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Think the Primaries aren't Important?

United States General elections are held every year, but only every four years is it a presidential race and it therefore does not get the same recognition each year.  


This year's election in 2016 will be a presidential one.  While this will likely increase the participation rate it can also tend to take the focus off many local elections. 


H.O.S.T. encourages all eligible voters to vote.  We also encourage all non eligible voters to remain involved.  Even if you can't vote you can change an eligible voter's opinion and you aren't limited to do that for only one person.  In some ways the non eligible voters can be just as powerful as eligible voters if they chose to be.


Most issues that directly involve both offenders day to day as well as non offenders day to day is decided upon legislation that is passed by officials far lower in rank the president.   


As always the primaries are the elections that will affect many of your specific issues that may be more local than national.   







New York Primaray


Tuesday November 19, 2016.




General election is Tuesday November 8, 2016.


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