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Think the Primaries aren't Important?

We may not be electing a new President in 2014 but that does not mean the election is not important and that includes the Primary election.


The Primary will officially decide which canidate will represent each party.  You may think the Goveneor of Florida race is only between current inmumbant Govenor Rick Scott (republican) and challenger Charlie Christ (democrat).  Charlie Christ is not the only democrat in the race.  Even Govenor Rick Scott is not the only republican.  Repulican and Democrat are not the only two parties.  Counting independents there are 18 canidates running for Florida Govenor in this primary election.


Govenor Rick Scott faces republican challengers Yinka Abosede Adeshina as well as Elizabeth Cuevas-Neunder.  Charlie Christ faces democratic challengers Nan Rich.


While it's highly expected that both Govenor Rick Scott and Charlie Christ wil each win their party"s nomination every participant must first win a primary before moving onto the general election for any race.


In addition to the govenor's race there are many more offices up for grabs in 2014.  This includes Attourney General, Chief Financial Officer and Commisioner of Agriculture just as some examples of the Govenor's cabinet alone.


In addition to the govenor's cabinet are the many State Senators and state House of Representatives.  These are in addition to your U.S. Senators and U.S. House of Representatives.  It's state legislators that pass  your state's laws which are usually what apply because except for major laws, most laws are state statutes not federal ones.  It may be federal law that certain crimes are illegal but its state law that usually determines the penalties for offenders.


Obviosuly a crime such as murder is illegal regardless of the state you live in, but its each state that writes the penalties for breaking the law which is why you see offenders receive such vastly different sentances.


These state laws are made up  based upon your state's constitution, which is not something that everybody realizes.  A state's constitution cannot contradict the U.S. Constitution but it can expand on any issue it sees fit and most of us don't understand how vague the U.S. Consitution is.  It clearly establishes some crimes we cannot do, but it does not set the penalties for what happens if we break those rules.


Only by knowing who these State Senators and State House of Representatives are,,in addition to the U.S. Senators and U.S, House of Representatives, will your voice be heard.

2014 Election Results are in.




Govenor Florida Rick Scott easily won the Rebublican nomination as expected.  Charlie Christ easily won the Democratic nominatioon.  


Lieutienant Govenor of Florida will be listed on same ticket similar to Vice President's. 


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Republican, will run against Democrat George Sheldon who won the Democtratic nomination.


U.S. Senators representing Florida should not be confused with Florida State Senators.  A U.S. Senator's term is six years.  Each state has two US Senators, and each state's two make up the 100 U.S. Senators.  However, there are far more than 100 total senators. 


Florida US Senator William Clarence Nelson is serving a six year term.  He was last elected in 2012 and is up for reelection in 2018.


Florida US Senator Marco Rubio is serving a six year term.  He was last elected in 2010 and is up for reelection in 2016.


State Senators are very different than U.S. Senators.  Florida has 40 state senators and each are assigned districts.  We will be constatnyly adding more districts but our since our home base is Orlando, Florida we are starting here.  Orlando falls under Districts 12 & 13 & 14. If you don't know your district or if are in another area of Florida other than Orlando, you can find your own Florida legislator by entering your address or your zip in the following links on the right.


State senators terms are not necessarily the same length as U.S. Senators.  In Florida those terms are generally four years, however it could be two years based on reapportionment.  Reapportionment is what guarentees that elections are staggered evenly amungst all state senators.  Those from odd-numbered districts in the years the numbers of which are multiples of four and those from even-numbered districts in even-numbered years the numbers of which are not multiples of four; except, at the election next following a reapportionment, some senators shall be elected for terms of two years when necessary to maintain staggered terms.


Orlando's districts include 


State Senator  - District 12 Senator Geraldine F. "Geri" Thompson. She was elected in 2012 and is serving a two year term.  She is currently up for reelection.  She won the democratic nomination.  She will run against Edward DeAguillera who won the Republican nomination 


State Senator  - District 13 Senator Andy Gardiner.  He was elected in 2012 and is serving a four year term.  He is not currently up for reelection until 2016.


State Senate   - District 14 Senataor Darren Soto.  He was elected in 2012 and is serving a two year term.  He is currently up for reelection. He is a Democrat and is unopposed by his own party as well as the Republican party but faces non partisan challenger Devin Norton.  


U.S. House of Representatives should not be confused with Florida State House of Representatives.  A U.S. House of Representatives term is two years.  Florida has 27 US House Representatives and are assigned districts.  Orlando's district includes district 5 although the current district map is being contested.


Florida US House Representative - District 5 Corrine Brown.  She was elected in 2012.  She is currently up for reelection.  She is a Democrat and remains unopposed from her own party. She faces Glo Smith who won the Republican nomination.


Florida State House Representatives should not be confused Florida US House of Representatives.  A State House of Representative's length of term is either two or four years.  In Florida that length is two years and so each Representive of Florida is up for reelction.  Florida has 120 state House of Representatives and are assigned districts. 


State Representative - District 45 Randolph Bracy remains unopposed by any other canidate.

State Representative - District 46 Bruce Antone is a Democrat and remains unoppsed by his own or the Republican party, but faces write in canidate James W. Anderson Jr. 

State Representative - District 47 Linda Stewart is a Democrat and remains unopposed by her own party but faces Republican canidate Mike Miller who won the Dempocratic nomination.

State Representative - District 48 Victor M. Torres, Jr. is a Democrat and remains unchallenged.

State Representative - District 49 Joe Saunders is a Democrat and remains unchallenged by his own party but faces canidate Rene Plasencia who won the Republican nomination.

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