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Most sex offenders on supervision will have required sex offender treatment.  Whether or not will be determined by their offense date as well as their type of supervision.


Treatment conditions were added in 1995 so unless the offense date is older it will most likely apply.


Treatment begins and later leads into polygraphs which will be covered under its own section.


The subject often comes up why should polygraphs be required and it's an intresting topic, but before we get into that topic the first question is why should treatment be required rather than simply being made avaialble for those that want it.  The answer is simple.  Sex offenders released on supervision have the potential to reoffend.  It's not only in the best intrest of the community to have offenders in formal treatment, it's in the offender's best intrest as well.  The best arguement why an offender deserves a second chance, is because they are participating in productive programs that will educate and discourage inappropriate behavior.


The first thing to realize if you happen to be under this requirement, is to appreciate the fact that you haven't been civilly committed. Civil commitment is basically in patient treatment, where as this is out patient treatment.  Some offenders are deemed by the courts to be such a dangerous threat, that even when thir prison incarcarations come to an end, it is still felt that that are too dangerous to be released back into society.


Treatment on the other hand is a type of freedom.  It will only consist of a small amount of your time and provided you put as much effort into the program as they encourage it can be a good thing.  Sure we can critizize certain aspects, and trust me I will but the important thing to remember is that treatment itself is not a bad idea.  It's actually a good one.



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