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Crime Statistics 


Sex offender crime stats are a confusing stastic to understand, because no one source documents all of them in one place.  For purposes of total sex offenders we need to include all categories of sex crimes, including non-violent which is something that is an extremely difficult number to find.  2013 remains the most current year reported by FBI, but here are some numbers for Florida.  


The question is who besides FBI contains the unique numbers. When do agencies duplicate the same numbers?

Sex Crimes Reported 

FBI                                       Total all classes1 Rape  Sex offenses 

                                                                                    (except rape and prostitution)


2013 FLORIDA Under 18          72,304             295      184

                         Total all ages  904,135           1842   2,663

FDLE                                      Forceable Sex offenses 


                                               2013              2014


                                               9861            10,826

Compare FBI (also sometimes reported as DOJ Department of Justice) with FDLE.


When you look at all ages, FBI reports 1842 rape + 2663 Florida sex offenses for a total of 4,505 "crimes".  FDLE reports 9861 forceable sex offenses (leaving out non-forceable which many crimes would fall under).  So is this 4505 in addition to 9861? Are the 4505 included in the 9861?  How many non forceable are missing from these stats?  Yet somehow we are told these "add up" to the number of new offenders.  From the chart below you can see that the total number of Florida registered sex offenders  increased from 58,780 to 61,303 in 2013.  That's an increase of 2523.  Where did that number come from? 


Total number registered sex offenders

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