Archives 3/12/2014 - 3/29/2014

Added 3/29/2014 Trial set for Ohio daycare worker accused of rape
Added 3/29/2014 Radford Police searching for wanted man
Added 3/29/2014 More predators really are on the prowl
Added 3/29/2014 Nurse guilty of sex assaults wants to serve sentence in community
Added 3/29/2014 Convicted sex offender found wandering in Melbourne suburb
Added 3/29/2014 Sex crimes fugitive was living near church preschool
Added 3/29/2014 Grand Junction sex offender arrested after ramming police car
Added 3/29/2014 Sex offender arrested
Added 3/29/2014 NH bill would ban limits on sex offender residency
Added 3/28/2014 Sex offender arrested after visit to Phenix City pediatrician
Added 3/28/2014  Kansas sex offender convicted again in sodomy case at Larned State Hospital
Added 3/28/2014 Child sex predator caught in police sting at hotel
Added 3/28/2014 VPD looking for high-risk sex offender who missed curfew
Added 3/28/2014 Fugitive squad arrests sex offender for providing false info
Added 3/28/2014 High profile cases see jump in visitors to WA's sex offender register
Added 3/28/2014 High-risk sex offender back out of prison
Added 3/28/2014  RALEIGH: Sex offenders live near community center - WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham ...
Added 3/28/2014 Local law enforcement conducts random sex offender check
Added 3/28/2014 Runaway sex offender admits to bail jumping charge
Added 3/27/2014 Deputies: Marion man charged with failing to register as sex off - FOX Carolina 21
Added 3/27/2014 Alabama man charged with sex registry violations
Added 3/27/2014 Victim forced to marry sex offender
Added 3/27/2014 Prosecutors: Man who failed to register as sex offender charged - KCTV5
Added 3/27/2014 Prosecutor: Auburn sex offender stole ex-husband's kids
Added 3/27/2014 Sex offender accused of failing to register new address
Added 3/27/2014 High risk sex offender fails to return to Vancouver halfway house
Added 3/27/2014 Sex offender faces new charges over child sex abuse images
Added 3/27/2014 Milwaukee police nab convicted sex offender in online sting operation
Added 3/26/2014 Registered sex offender arrested for noncompliance
Added 3/26/2014 Australia: Afghan sex offender set free due to 'cultural differences'
Added 3/26/2014 Sex offender under investigation
Added 3/26/2014 Texas 10 Most Wanted Sex Offender Arrested in East Texas
Added 3/26/2014 Sex offender arrested for alleged exposure in Monona
Added 3/26/2014 Sex offender has new Yuma address
Added 3/26/2014 Sex offender accused of failing to register
Added 3/26/2014 Change in Verification Schedule for MI Sex Offender Registry
Added 3/26/2014 Mass. court says sex offender law not retroactive
Added 3/26/2014 Des Peres plans community meeting on sex offender
Added 3/25/2014 Sex offender fee changes take effect next month
Added 3/25/2014 Sex offender bill to be heard this week
Added 3/25/2014 Community Notification: Tier 3 Sex Offender Moves to Reno
Added 3/25/2014 Clock ticking for controversial group home in Springfield
Added 3/25/2014 Sex offender fee changes take effect next month
Added 3/25/2014 Sex offender accused of groping man in mall
Added 3/25/2014 Commission: Remove juveniles from sex registries
Added 3/25/2014  The Bolton News Sex offender given chance to change his behaviour
Added 3/25/2014 Sex offender charged for failure to register change of address
Added 3/25/2014 Registered Sex Offender Pleads Not Guilty to Prostitution Charges
Added 3/24/2014 Supreme Court declines to hear sex registry case
Added 3/24/2014 E. Texas wanted sex offender attempts to evade arrest by riding -, Longview ...
Added 3/24/2014 Barrington sex offender arrested for child porn, receives $3 million bond
Added 3/24/2014 Sex offender allegedly fondled man at East Towne Mall
Added 3/24/2014 Sex offender to be released in Sparta
Added 3/24/2014 Briggs charged, not registering as sex offender
Added 3/24/2014 Sex offender given chance to change his behaviour
Added 3/24/2014 Sex offender arrested in Grant County, was allegedly babysitting infant girl
Added 3/24/2014 Sex offender compliance check launches 2 new investigations
Added 3/24/2014 DPS offering $5000 reward for E. Texas sex offender - KSLA News 12 Shreveport, Louisiana News ...
Added 3/23/2014 Police searching for accused child sex offender
Added 3/23/2014  Arizona sex offender found in Mexico
Added 3/23/2014  Sex offender gets cut in prison time
Added 3/22/2014 Frenchman convicted in home country for sex crime committed in Bemidji
Added 3/22/2014 Conn. inmate faces hearing in registry case
Added 3/22/2014 GOP candidate for governor is a registered sex offender
Added 3/22/2014 Dementia center suspended after hiring sex offender
Added 3/22/2014 Sisters Praised For Their Quick Reaction In Case Against Convicted Sex Offender
Added 3/22/2014 Police: Registered sex offender missing
Added 3/21/2014 'Wicked' sex offender jailed
Added 3/21/2014 Convicted sex offender released from Headingley
Added 3/21/2014 Parents Concerned Sex Offender Is Living Near School
Added 3/21/2014 Osceola deputies: Convicted sex offender re-arrested on lewd, lascivious charges
Added 3/21/2014 KSP looking for non-compliant sex offender
Added 3/21/2014 Sex offender has new Yuma address
Added 3/21/2014 Convicted sex offender continues to work as magician with kids
Added 3/21/2014 Sex Offender to spend 9 years in prison
Added 3/21/2014 Sex offender arrested after sending pictures to minors
Added 3/21/2014 Registered sex offender faces new felony charges after police find child porn
Added 3/20/2014 Lawmaker wants to ban sex offenders from lottery winnings
Added 3/20/2014 Supreme Court may take up Va. sex registry case
Added 3/20/2014 Wonder Lake man arrested for failing to register as a sex offender
Added 3/20/2014 Athens woman pleads in prostitution case, agrees to testify against sex offender
Added 3/20/2014 Portsmouth Cops Arrest Wanted Sex Offender
Added 3/20/2014 Wanted sex offenders go online
Added 3/20/2014 Committee backs bill to expand sex offender registration
Added 3/20/2014 Ky. court rejects rehearing in sex offender case
Added 3/20/2014 Former MSU professor outted as sex offender pleads guilty in Ohio child porn case
Added 3/19/2014 Trial delayed for Fla man accused in girl's death
Added 3/19/2014 Registered sex offender arrested after visiting sheriff's, governor's, prosecutor's homes
Added 3/19/2014 Sex offender to relocate in Wausau
Added 3/19/2014 Scioto Co. Deputies Searching for Sex Offender
Added 3/19/2014 Child molester sentenced to prison for sex crime, other charges dropped
Added 3/19/2014 Serial sex offender who posed as modelling agent arrested in Richmond
Added 3/19/2014 Ohio sex offender civil registry never used
Added 3/19/2014 Sofronoff thanked for bikie and sex offender laws advice
Added 3/19/2014 Sex offender gets prison term for failing to register
Added 3/19/2014 Serial sex offender TJD charged with breaching release conditions
Added 3/18/2014 Eagle Point man get 37years for child pornography
Added 3/18/2014 New charges for Massachusetts sex offender who won lottery
Added 3/18/2014 Parents outraged after sex offender moves to street where he committed crime
Added 3/18/2014 Mayes County sex offender suing to keep living in home near school
Added 3/18/2014 Louisville man on Tennessee sex offender registry shot by Florida police
Added 3/18/2014 Minn.DHS sets aside $1.8M for sex offender review - WQOW TV: Eau Claire, WI NEWS18 News ... 
Added 3/18/2014 Sex Offenders Deserve to Live in a Parking Lot
Added 3/18/2014 Uxbridge sex offender facing new charges
Added 3/17/2014 Defense: Sinclair's deal drops sex assault charge
Added 3/17/2014 Mankato News, Weather, Sports - - Legislators Working To Secure Bonding Money ...
Added 3/17/2014 Defence: Army general's new plea deal includes dropping of sexual assault charges
Added 3/17/2014 Troy man gets 2 years for sexual conduct with minor
Added 3/17/2014 Defense: Sex assault charges dropped in brigadier general's court-martial
Added 3/17/2014 Violent sex offender in Nanaimo arrested one day after public warning
Added 3/17/2014 Garcia sentenced to 2.5 years prison, lifetime as sex offender
Added 3/17/2014 Uxbridge sex offender and lottery winner arrested 2nd time
Added 3/17/2014 Mankato News, Weather, Sports - - Minn. DHS sets aside $1.8M for sex offender review
Added 3/17/2014 Sex offender gets 15-year sentence for child porn downloads
Added 3/16/2014 Defense: General's deal drops sex assault charge
Added 3/16/2014 Registered Sex Offender's Arrest Tops Wilton News This Week
Added 3/16/2014 Cops: Sex offender used lottery winnings for crimes
Added 3/15/2014 Serial rapist held in attack
Added 3/15/2014 City takes action on home with sex offenders
Added 3/15/2014 Soccer player faces deportation following sex-crime conviction
Added 3/15/2014 Violent sex offender released from prison
Added 3/15/2014 Lack of Action Could Mean Release of Sex Offenders
Added 3/15/2014 KPD allows anyone to search for registered sex offenders in area
Added 3/15/2014 Sex offender allegedly drugged 5-year-old
Added 3/15/2014 Violent sex offender plans to live in Nanaimo after release from jail, police warn
Added 3/15/2014 Paroled sex offenders live next to local park
Added 3/15/2014 Sex offender pleads guilty to failing to report address
Added 3/14/2014 I-Team uncovers more registered sex offenders on cab driver rolls
Added 3/14/2015 Breaking news REVEALED: Face of sex offender who groomed underage girls
Added 3/14/2014 In wake of News-Leader watchdog column, city takes action on home with sex offenders
Added 3/14/2014 Father Suspected Of Murdering Texas Lesbian Couple Was Registered Sex Offender
Added 3/14/2014 Portage sex offender faces life in prison for sex with teen girl
Added 3/14/2014  Burrillville man charged with assault, failure to register as sex offender
Added 3/14/2014 REVEALED: Face of sex offender who groomed under-age girls on Facebook
Added 3/14/2014 Fixes soon to Minn. sex-offender program unlikely
Added 3/14/2014 Convicted sex offender arrested near Okanagan Falls
Added 3/14/2014 Sex Offender Compliance Operation Conducted In Preparation For Spring Break
Added 3/13/2014 Sex offender Alan Carter indecently assaulted female patient at Papworth Hospital and passing ...
Added 3/13/2014 Legislature approves crackdown on sexual predators
Added 3/13/2014 Marshall man pleads guilty to child sex crime
Added 3/13/2014 Sparks Police Arrest Registered Sex Offender on Firearm Charge
Added 3/13/2014 Deputies: Sex offender set up fake Facebook, spotted at school - FOX Carolina 21
Added 3/13/2014 A level three predatory sex offender is moving into West Duluth
Added 3/13/2014 Police: Sex offender molests 5-year-old while babysitter her
Added 3/13/2014 Bill would prohibit some sex offenders from living within 1500 feet of their victims
Added 3/13/2014 Lawmakers pass bills making sentences for child sex offenders harsher
Added 3/13/2014 City may ban sex offenders from rec center
Added 3/12/2014 Fort Collins police host sex offender notification meeting
Added 3/12/2014 County Level 3 sex offender arrested
Added 3/12/2014 Sleepy Eye Cancels Sex Offender Notification Meeting
Added 3/12/2014 Thousands of WA fugitives unlikely to face justice
Added 3/12/2014 Rockfield man gets 20 years for sex crimes
Added 3/12/2014 Ex-soccer coach must register as sex offender
Added 3/12/2014 Sex offender has new Yuma address
Added 3/12/2014 Registered Sex Offender Released After Being Wrongly Identified As Person on School Grounds
Added 3/12/2014 'Failure to register' nets sex offender 60 years
Added 3/12/2014 Sex offender gets prison for illegally re-entering U.S.
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