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Archives 2/22/2014 - 3/11/2014

Added 3/11/2014  Sex offender arrested in triple homicide in Cañon City could face death penalty
Added 3/11/2014 Pacers, patios and possible traffic. Here's the scoop on some happenings this Tuesday in…
Added 3/11/2014 One of Texas 10 most wanted arrested in Bryan - 12 News KBMT and K-JAC. News, Weather and ...
Added 3/11/2014 Springfield City Council orders study of group home rules
Added 3/11/2014 Indiana sex offender jailed in Colo. triple homicide
Added 3/11/2014 Convicted sex offender pastor now facing charges at SC church
Added 3/11/2014  Fox Baltimore MD Sex Offender Resided in US Illegally for Over 40 Years
Added 3/11/2014 Sex offender to live on Adams Street in Portage
Added 3/11/2014 Homeless sex offender arrested for trying to lure girl into vehicle in Queens
Added 3/11/2014 State Rep. pushing for tougher sex offender identification laws
Added 3/10/2014 Jaacob Vanwinkle, sex offender, busted in murder of Canon City mom, two kids
Added 3/10/2014 Trial involving convicted sex offender, Burbank school district to begin
Added 3/10/2014 Sex offender arrested in triple homicide in Cañon City after teen girl reports sexual assault
Added 3/10/2014 Convicted sex offender faces gun charges
Added 3/10/2014 Violent sex offender released from King County Jail after prosecutors decline to file charges
Added 3/10/2014 Rogers police search for convicted sex offender
Added 3/10/2014 Sex offender's talk of 'quality crimes' horrifies broadcaster Derryn Hinch
Added 3/10/2014 TX Most Wanted Sex Offender arrested in Bryan
Added 3/9/2014 Fugitive who ditched monitoring bracelet won't face new charge in U.S.
Added 3/9/2014 Sex offender program funding won't be cut off
Added 3/9/2014 Cameron considers sex offender ordinance
Added 3/8/2014 Enough is indeed enough
Added 3/8/2014 Sex offender charged with using social media
Added 3/8/2014 Cops seek convicted sex offender after pot bust
Added 3/8/2014 Charges against accused sex offender dropped
Added 3/8/2014 Dutch national sentenced for benefits fraud
Added 3/8/2014 Madison County sex offender arrested in Junction City
Added 3/8/2014 After News-Leader watchdog column, co NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth TX Most Wanted Sex Offender arrested in Bryanuncil wants hold on group homes housing sex offenders
Added 3/8/2014 Authorities find 10 kids living with sex offender
Added 3/8/2014 Convicted sex offender has new address in Yuma County
Added 3/8/2014 Law enforcement tracks down area sex offenders
Added 3/7/2014 Level 3 sex offender has new address
Added 3/7/2014 Sex offender Craig Thomson back in football
Added 3/7/2014 Issues Survey 2014: Name and shame murderers and sex offenders, say Herald Sun readers
Added 3/7/2014 Sex offender secretly filmed girl at arcade
Added 3/7/2014 Sex offender watch group gets funding reprieve
Added 3/7/2014 Sheriff's Office warns of sex offender
Added 3/7/2014 Wanted sex offender arrested with suspected cocaine
Added 3/7/2014 Illinois wants to commit repeat sex offender
Added 3/7/2014 Ky. registered sex offender charged for allegedly having social media account while being ...
Added 3/7/2014 Sex offender who offered castration attempts suicide
Added 3/6/2014 CAPITOL NEWS AND COMMENT: March 6
Added 3/6/2014 Arvada massage therapist gets jail for molesting female patients
Added 3/6/2014 One of 2 competing bills advances on sexual assault against children
Added 3/6/2014 Federal government ends funding for successful sex offender program
Added 3/6/2014 Sex offender granted conditional release
Added 3/6/2014 Police looking for York Co. pastor accused of sex crimes against child
Added 3/6/2014 Registered sex offender arrested in child porn investigation
Added 3/6/2014 Convicted Toronto sex offender William Shorten faces new charges
Added 3/6/2014 Sex offender arrested; found with 15-year-old
Added 3/6/2014 Sex offender jailed on escape charge
Added 3/5/2014 Del. man pleads guilty to producing child porn
Added 3/5/2014  Rapist known as 'Footlicker' sentenced to serve over 6 years in prison
Added 3/5/2014 Senate passes tougher sexual predator bills
Added 3/5/2014 Labour wants guarantees around sex offenders register
Added 3/5/2014 Govt close to implementing formal sex offender register
Added 3/5/2014 Spokane sex offender accused of exposing himself
Added 3/5/2014 State Senate votes for stricter sex offender laws
Added 3/5/2014 Lincolnshire sex offender had over 100000 indecent images
Added 3/5/2014 Deputies verify sex offender information
Added 3/5/2014 Senate Makes Quick Work of Protections Against Sex Offenders
Added 3/4/2014 Sex offenders to be released near New Richmond
Added 3/4/2014 Sex offender released into the community
Added 3/4/2014 Ask the Watchdog: Sex offenders' house prompts meeting
Added 3/4/2014 State senators fast track sex offender legislation in Florida
Added 3/4/2014 American general faces sex crimes trial
Added 3/4/2014 Sex offender notification in Safford
Added 3/4/2014 Sex offender charged with failure to comply
Added 3/4/2014 Sex offender blames meth for sexting problems
Added 3/4/2014 Registered sex offender convicted on child porn charges
Added 3/4/2014 Convicted sex offender stabbed to death in prison
Added 3/3/2014 Sex offender being released in Darlington, police say
Added 3/3/2014 State senators fast track sex offender legislation in Florida
Added 3/2/2014 No Perverts in the Park Law Kicks In
Added 3/2/2014  Police: Registered sex offender caught lying to state police
Added 3/2/2014 Life forever changed by sex offender list
Added 3/2/2014 Texas 'sodomites' debate: Is a sex offender's opinion relevant to Democrats?
Added 3/1/2014 Sex offender accused of threatening to kill estranged wife
Added 3/1/2014 Former referee jailed for inappropriate touching
Added 3/1/2014 Shreveport pastor convicted in child sex case
Added 3/1/2014 Paedophile copper back in UK jail after deportation from Cambodia where he paid boys EIGHT ...
Added 3/1/2014 Disturbing Texts Reveal More About OKC Man's Child Sex Scheme
Added 3/1/2014 Two Sex Offenders Register to Live as Transients in Thurston County
Added 3/1/2014 Convicted sex offenders arrested on smuggling charges
Added 2/28/2014  Deputies: Registered sex offender charged with exposing himself - FOX Carolina 21
Added 2/28/2014 Charleston, WV man sentenced for failing to register as a sex offender
Added 2/28/2014  Sheriff's Office: Sex offender failed to report new address
Added 2/28/2014 Sex offender Jeffrey Goddard charged again
Added 2/28/2014 Sex offender arrested near Maryville Elementary School
Added 2/28/2014 Sex offender from Denver reported in Cheney, Wash.
Added 2/28/2014 San Antonio's sex offender ban takes effect Saturday
Added 2/28/2014 Bill Proposed To Thwart OK Sex Offenders From Changing Name
Added 2/28/2014 Hayward: Sex offender arrested for allegedly flashing drive-thru workers
Added 2/28/2014 Sex offender reported captured in Virginia
Added 2/27/2014  Sex Offender Sentenced in Arkansas
Added 2/27/2014  Two firms bid on Nassau sex offender monitoring contract
Added 2/27/2014  Omaha Marshals keep close eye on registered sex offenders
Added 2/27/2014  Bill would place 'sex offender' on convicted offender's license
Added 2/27/2014 Sex offender arrested for staying at unauthorized address
Added 2/27/2014 Registered sex offender sentenced for crimes involving a minor
Added 2/27/2014 Sex offender sent to prison after failing to follow the rules
Added 2/27/2014 Tennessee is considering bill requiring sex offenders to have marked driving licenses
Added 2/27/2014 Okla. bill prohibits sex offender name changes
Added 2/26/2014 Charge: Sex offender posed as teen online, befriended dozens of girls
Added 2/26/2014 Harvard man arrested for violation of sex offender act
Added 2/26/2014  Prescott Daily Courier Prescott sex offender captured in Mexico
Added 2/26/2014 Madrid Township sex offender charged after telling victim, 'I hope you are happy'
Added 2/26/2014  South Daytona tightens restrictions on sex offenders
Added 2/26/2014 I-Team 8 finds sex offenders living near schools, day cares
Added 2/26/2014 Oklahoma City sex offender arrested for child trafficking, porn
Added 2/26/2014  After mistrial, man accepts Alford plea to lesser charge in sex offense case
Added 2/26/2014  Rapid Valley Community Alarmed By Sex Offender's Presence
Added 2/26/2014 Prosecutor removed from sex offender case
Added 2/25/2014 Douglas Jackway denies killing Daniel Morcombe
Added 2/25/2014  AG's office seeks to keep SnoCO sex offender confined
Added 2/25/2014 Conservatives set to introduce tougher child sex offender legislation
Added 2/25/2014 Sex offender to be released on parole
Added 2/25/2014 Public sex offender registry gets facelift
Added 2/25/2014  Butler Co. sex offender arrested on child porn charges
Added 2/25/2014  Manhunt continues for escaped sex offender
Added 2/25/2014 Registered sex offender admits having child porn
Added 2/25/2014 Problems plague GPS tracking of sex offenders
Added 2/25/2014 Harlingen sex offender back behind bars
Added 2/24/2014  Man sentenced for gross sexual imposition involving minors
Added 2/24/2014 Legislative Preview Series - Sexual Predator Law Revisions
Added 2/24/2014 Grottoes man jailed on attempted rape charge
Added 2/24/2014  Trenton sex offender arrested with crack cocaine, prosecutor's office says
Added 2/24/2014 1 of 4 men involved in Hudson gang arrested for alleged sex offender registration violations
Added 2/24/2014 Community Notification: Tier 3 Sex Offender Moves to Sparks
Added 2/24/2014 Iroquois County: Sex offender nabbed for child porn
Added 2/24/2014 Victims of BBC sex offender Savile were laughed at: report
Added 2/23/2014 Summer Camp, Sex Offender Arrest, Pothole Hotline and Snow Day Debate
Added 2/23/2014 Sex offender flees from Denver corrections facility
Added 2/23/2014 High-risk child sex offender moves near Rapid City elementary school
Added 2/23/2014 Clovis sex offender sentenced to 10 years in jail
Added 2/22/2014  Violent fugitive who fled in cuffs, shackles captured
Added 2/22/2014 Fla. Legislative session to be a mix of priorities
Added 2/22/2014 Former NY policeman convicted of sex abuse
Added 2/22/2014 DNA delay 'saw sex offender attack again'
Added 2/22/2014 Results mixed as funnel deadline passes
Added 2/22/2014 Convict indicted on 10 counts sexual assault
Added 2/22/2104 Senate to vote on tightening sex offender law
Added 2/22/2014 Court rules on sex offender real estate issue
Added 2/22/2014 Mom arrested after leaving daughter with sex offender
Added 2/22/2014 man accused of not registering as a sex offender
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