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Archives 2/17/2014 - 2/21/2014

Added 2/21/2014 Offender had child porn
Added 2/21/2014 Feds seek help to identify possible child victims of accused sex offender
Added 2/21/2014 Former Volleyball Coach Sentenced for Sex Crimes
Added 2/21/2014 Previously convicted sex offender ‘Papa K’ plied teenage girls with drugs before sexually assaulting them
Added 2/21/2014 Sex Offender Registry getting new look
Added 2/21/2014 Brimfield sex offender accused of raping child, again
Added 2/21/2014 Judge tells Minnesota Legislature to act on sex offender treatment program
Added 2/21/2014 Sex crime, abuse, assault land 3 more on Horry County's Most Wanted list
Added 2/21/2014  Michigan Sex offender registry website getting new look
Added 2/21/2014 Facility closure pushes sex offenders into WNY group homes
Added 2/20/2014 Florida town Miracle Village is a refuge for sex offenders
Added 2/20/2014 Is NM's sex-offender-only prison experiment working?
Added 2/20/2014 Sex offender charged with failing to register change of address
Added 2/20/2014 Sex offender convicted for failing to register address
Added 2/20/2014 Prison for sex offender in online chat case
Added 2/20/2014 Federal judge lets Minn. sex offender suit proceed
Added 2/20/2014 Sex offender to live on Adams Street in Portage
Added 2/20/2014 Sex offender evaluator job offer rescinded
Added 2/20/2014 Court grants sex offender hearing
Added 2/20/2014 Sex offender faces additional charges against children
Added 2/19/2014 Sex offender fails to register again
Added 2/19/2014 Former Aspenite gets jail, sex offender probation in child pornography case
Added 2/19/2014 High Risk Sex Offender Moves to Grand Forks
Added 2/19/2014 Jailed sex offender's appeal bid fails
Added 2/19/2014 Walker looking to fire new sex offender administrator
Added 2/19/2014 Police talk to sex offender's relatives in Md. cold case
Added 2/19/2014 Cleared Virginia man is off sex-offender registry
Added 2/19/2014 Boyle County Sheriff's Office searches for missing sex offender
Added 2/19/2014 Paroled rapist is thwarted in attack on teen in East Harlem, cops say
Added 2/19/2014 Give employers hiring discretion
Added 2/18/2014 Florida lawmakes hope to tighten loopholes in sex offender laws
Added 2/18/2014 Most Wanted Sex Offender caught in ETX
Added 2/18/2014 Court rules that Alamance sex offender can't be monitored by satellite for life
Added 2/18/2014 Special Report: Stopping Near Sex Offenders
Added 2/18/2104  Sex offender who can't find a home told to sleep in jail
Added 2/18/2014 Investigation into a Registered Sex Offender's Past
Added 2/18/2014 Orlando Deputies: Warrant issued for registered sex offender
Added 2/18/2014 Maine sex offender faces more charges
Added 2/18/2014 Inside the mind of a sex offender
Added 2/18/2014 Sheriff's office searches for missing sex offender
Sex offender indicted on 14 counts
Burlington Times News Sex offender charged with failure to comply
Milton hearing set on proposal to reduce sex offender restrictions
Florida lawmaker says DHS should face "tough questions" about its new sex offender evaluation director
Disabled sex offender to live in Campbellsport
Sex offender to be released in Wausau
Iowa imprisoned for enticement, child porn
Milton Sex Offender Residency Ordinance Could Be Revised
Children as young as 10 arrested for rape as 10 cautions given out for child sex crimes in Cambridgeshire
Wanted child predator surrenders to ETX sheriff
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