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Living Restrictions

Florida Offender Dates

How Residency Restrictions Work Step 1 of 3


Sex Offender Residency Restrictions


Finding an Offense Date For Florida Charges

Florida lists the offense date on their DOC (Department of Corrections) website.  A link to their website is available on your right.


You will need the DC# or the full name for the offender.  You do not need to fill in any other fileds.  Once you have provided the information hit the submit request button.  The screen will not appear to change but a link or links will now appear.  Cick on the link that either says inmate release or inmate supervision.  You will get a new screen with a link to a link to the offender. Click on the offender 's link. You may get a list if you search by name and similar names appear in the database.  


Scroll down and  four fields under the offender's picture you will find a section titled current prision sentence history.  The column on the left shows the offense date.  The third collumn shows the county the offender was charged in.  You may need to know the county if you need more specific information and need to look up case information on the county clerk of court website.


There may very well be more than one offense date.  Use the newest to be safe.  This is a general rule, not a guarentee.  The specific charge or any special court orders can be unique to every case.  We are presenting a general guideline and not a guarentee of accuracy

Once you know the offense date, you are ready for the next step.  Scroll up and click on the living restrictions by state button.

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