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Living Restrictions New York

Suffolk County

New York statute


Verify the official state statute by clicking on the above link.  Legislation may change that H.O.S.T. is not yet aware of.  We are not affiliated with the state of New York by any means.  Information obtained from our website is not guarenteed to be current.  We try our best to update all pages as soon as possible when it is brought to our attention of a change. Your comments are welcomed.  


Suffolk County Ordinance


745-3 Residence limitation.





It shall be unlawful for all registered sex offenders to reside within 1/4 mile of the property line of any school, including, but not limited to, any public or private nursery, elementary, middle or high school; or a licensed day-care center; or a playground; or an amusement park; or the residence or principal place of employment of the victim(s) of their crime(s).

Listing of New York Suffolk County's Sex Offender Residency Ordiances. 



City                        Restriction                                                         Ordinance    Effective Date





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