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Living Restrictions Wisconsin

How Residency Restrictions Work Step 3 of 3

Wisconsin statute


Wisconsin does not currently have any statewide sex offender residency restrictions. Legislation may change that H.O.S.T. is not yet aware of.  We are not affiliated with the state of Wisconsin by any means. Information obtained from our website is not guarenteed to be current.  We try our best to update all pages as soon as possible when it is brought to our attention of a change.  Your commetns are welcomed.

Remember that offense date?


 Now you need to compare the offense date to the effective date of the living restriction rules.  Sometiomes the offense date are before certain laws went into place.  Sometimes they are not.  Here's a link back to the page where you can look it up, in case you haven't done it or forgot.

Now do the math.  Which rule is stricter, the state or the local ordiance?  Remember the local ordiance may be the county rules of the city rules if a residence falls outside city jurisdiction.  Did you remember to check the municipility?  That's the term for the residence jursidiction, the city or the county.  If the county has no specific ordiance, then it's then it follows the state's rule.  If you need to go back and get the municipility click on the above link. 

Listing of Wisconsin County's Sex Offender Residency Ordiances. 

You will need to click on the county to see if there are any local city ordiances.  

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