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Pinellas County Board of Commissioners

George N. Cretekos     Seat 1Mayor

Doreen Hock-DiPolito Seat 2 

Jay Polglaze                 Seat 3 

Bill Jonson                    Seat 4 

Hoyt Hamilton              Seat 5 

City of Clearwater


Janet C. Long            Commissioner  District 1

Pat Gerard                  Commissioner  District 2

Charlie Justice           Vice Chairman District 3

Dave Eggers              Commissioner  District 4

Karen Williams Seel Commissioner  District 5

John Morroni              Chairman          District 6

Kenneth T. Welch      Commissioner District 7

City of Dunedin

Dave Cull                    Mayor

David Benson-Pope Councillor

John Bezett                Councillor

Hilary Calvert            Councillor

Doug Hall                   Councillor

Aaron Hawkins         Councillor

Mike Lord                   Councillor

Jinty MacTavish        Councillor

Andrew Noone          Councillor

Neville Peat               Councillor

Chris Staynes            Councillor

Richard Thomson     Councillor

Lee Vandervis           Councillor

Andrew Whiley         Councillor

Kate Wilson               Councillor

City of Gulf Port

Samuel Henderson Mayor 

Daniel Liedtke                            Ward 1

Christine Brown                         Ward 2

Yolanda Roman      Vice Mayor Ward 3

Michael Fridovich                      Ward 4

City of Largo

Woody Brown        Mayor 

Michael Smith        Commissioner Seat 1

Samantha Fenger Commissioner Seat 2

Curtis Holmes        Commissioner Seat 3

Jamie Robinson    Commissioner Seat 4

Donna Holck          Commissioner Seat 5

John L. Carroll       Commissioner Seat 6

City of Oldsmar

Doug Bevis       Mayor

Eric Seidel        Seat 1

Dan Saracki     Seat 2

Gabby McGee Seat 3 Vice-Mayor

Linda Norris     Seat 4

City of Pinellas Park


Sandra L. Bradbury             Mayor

William E. "Ed" Taylor         Vice - Mayor

Rick Butler                            Councilman

Jerry A. Mullins                    Councilman

Patricia F. Johnson             Councilwoman

Lauren Christ Rubenstein Assistant City Attorney

James Denhardt                  City Attorney

Doug Lewis                           City Manager

Diane Corna                         City Clerk

City of St Pete Beach


Maria Lowe                               Mayor 

Terri Finnerty, Ed.D.                 Vice Mayor       District 1

Domonick "Rick" Falkenstein Commissioner District 2

Gregory Premer                        Commissioner District 3

Melinda Pletcher                      Commissioner District 4

City of St Petersburg


Charlie Gerdes                Chair         District 1

Jim Kennedy                                       District 2

Bill Dudley                                           District 3

Darden Rice                                        District 4

Steve Kornell                                       District 5

Karl Nurse                                            District 6

Wengay "Newt" Newton                    District 7

Amy Foster                      Vice Chair  District 8


City of Safety Harbor


Andy Steingold Mayor

Andy Zodrow    Vice Mayor

Carlos Diaz      Commissioner

Janet Hooper    Commissioner 

Cliff Merz           Commissioner 

Alan Zimmet      City Attorney


City of Tarpon Springs


David O. Archie         Mayor

Jeff Larsen                 Vice Mayor

Townsend Tarapani Commissioner

David Banther           Commissioner

Rea Sieber                Commissioner

City of Treasure Island


Robert Minning    Mayor 

Phil Collins           Vice Mayor       District 1

Tim Ramsberger Commissioner District 2

Patrick Jeffares    Commissioner District 3

Alan Bildz              Commissioner District 4

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