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Sarasota County

Sarasota County Commissioners


Carolyn J. Mason    Chair          District 1

Paul Caragiulo                             District 2

Christine Robinson                     District 3

Alan Maio                 Vice-Chair District 4

Charles D. Hines                         District 5

Longboat Key


Lynn Larson       Commissioner             District 1

Jack Duncan       Mayor 

Terry GansVice  Mayor                            District 3

Jack Daly             Commissioner            District 4

Pat ZunzTown     Commissioner            District 5

Irwin Pastor          Commissioner           At-Large 

Phill Younger       Commissioner           At-Large 



North Port


Cheryl Cook               Commissioner District Seat 1

Tom Jones                  Commissioner District Seat 2

Rhonda Y. DiFranco Mayor                District Seat 3

Jacqueline Moore     Vice-Mayor       District Seat 4

Linda Yates                Commissioner District Seat 5




Willie Charles Shaw    Mayor                District One

Suzanne Atwell            Vice Mayor       At-Large

Liz Alpert                       Commissioner District Two

Susan Chapman         Commissioner At-Large

Shelli Freeland Eddie Commissioner District Three




John Holic                 Mayor

Jeanette Gates         Vice Mayor

Jim Bennett               Council Member

Bob Daniels              Council Member

Emilio Carlesimo     Council Member

Kit McKeon               Council Member

Deborah Anderson Council Member


Sex Offender Housing

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