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Polk County Board of Commissioners


George Lindsey III, Chairman    District 1

Melony M. Bell                              District 2

Edwin V. Smith                             District 3

R. Todd Dantzler                         District 4

John Hall, Vice Chairman          District 5

City of Auberndale


Tim Pospichal               Mayor

William "Kim" Smith     Vice Mayor

William "Bill" Sterling  Commissioner

Keith Cowie                  Commissioner

Jack Myers                    Commissioner


City of Bartow


James F. Clements   City Commissioner    Seat No. 1 At Large

W. Patrick "Pat" Huff Mayor                            Seat No. 2 Central District

J. Adrian Jackson     Vice Mayor                   Seat No. 3 North District

Trish Burdin-Pfeiffer City Commissioner     Seat No. 4 At Large

Leo E. Longworth     City Commissioner     Seat No. 5 East District

City of Eagle Lake


Terry Pittman         Commissioner Seat 1

Suzy Wilson          Mayor                Seat 2

Bobbi Hosegood Commissioner Seat 3

Arley Smith           Commissioner  Seat 4

Cory Coler            Vice Mayor        Seat 5

City of Fort Meade


Rick Cochrane    Commissioner                 Seat 1

Maurice Nelson  Mayor                                Seat 2

Jim Watts             Vice Mayor                       Seat 3

Bob Elliott            Commissioner                 Seat 4

Barbara Manley Commissioner At Large Seat 5

Haines City


Kenneth Kipp Mayor                 Seat 1

Horace West   Vice Mayor       Seat 2

H.L. Roy Tyler Commissioner  Seat 3

Don Mason Commissioner      Seat 4

Ronnie Cotton Commissioner Seat 5

City of Lake Alfred

Charles Lake        Mayor

Nancy Z. Daley     Vice Mayor

Jack Dearmin        Commissioner

John Duncan        Commissioner

Albertus Maultsby Commissioner


City of Lakeland

R. Howard Wiggs Mayor

Justin Troller         Commissioner

Phillip Walker       Commissioner

Edie Yates             Commissioner

Don Selvage         Commissioner

Jim Malless           Commissioner


City of Lake Whales


Eugene Fultz            Seat 1 Mayor

Jonathan Thornhill  Seat 2 Commissioner

Terrye Y. Howell      Seat 3 Commissioner

Pete Perez                Seat 4 Commissioner

Christopher Lutton  Seat 5 Commissioner

City of Winter Haven


Nathaniel "Nat" Birdsong Mayor 

Steven M. Hunnicutt          Mayor Pro-Tem

James H. "J.P." Powell      Commissioner

Pete Chichetto                    Commissioner

Brad Dantzler                      Commissioner

Sex Offender Housing

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