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Polk County

Bob Dallari

John Horan

Lee Constantine

Carlton D.Henley

Brenda Care


Altamonte Springs

Mayor Patricia Bates          Term expires Nov. 2014

Gardner Hussey, District 1 Term expires Nov. 2015

Steve Wolfram, District 2    Term expires Nov. 2014

Sarah Reece, District 3      Term expires Nov. 2015

Jon Batman, District 4        Term expires Nov. 2014



Mayor                                 Joe Kilsheimer

Seat Four Vice Mayor        Bill Arrowsmith

Seat One Commissioner   Billie Dean

Seat Two Commissioner    Diane Velazquez

Seat Three Commissioner Sam Ruth



Mayor/Commissioner Charlene Glancy
Vice Mayor/Commissioner Sandra Solomon 
Commissioner Anthony Aramendia
Commissioner Colleen Hufford
Commissioner Andrew Meadows



Mayor John C. Maingot, District 1

Deputy Mayor Joe Durso, District 2

Commissioner Bob Cortes, District 3

Commissioner Mark Weller, District 4

Commissioner Brian D. Sackett, District 5



Mayor Dominic Persampiere

Councilmember Steve Henken

Councilmember Cindy Drag

Deputy Mayor Stephen Schenck

Councilmember Keith Britton



Mayor - Jeff Triplett

District 1 Commissioner - Mark McCarty

District 2 Commissioner - Velma H. Williams

District 3 Commissioner - Randy Jones

District 4 Commissioner - Patty Mahany


Winter Springs

Mayor Charles Lacey

Commissioner Jean Hovey         District/Seat One

Deputy Mayor Rick Brown           District/Seat Two

Commissioner Pam Carroll         District/Seat Three

Commissioner Cade Resnick      District/Seat Four

Commissioner Joanne M. Krebs District/Seat Five

Sex Offender Housing

HOST is Helping Offenders Successfully Transition

Visit other great websites

H.O.S.T. Transition Services, LLC
1060 Woodcock Rd
Orlando FL 32803
By Appointment Only
Phone (407) 437-3694
Phone hours 9AM - 5PM Eastern Time


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