Palm Beach


Palm Beach County Board of Commissioners


Hal R. Valeche                          District 1

S. Vana                  Mayor          District 3

S. Abrams                                   District 4

P. Burdick                                   District 2

M. McKinlay                               District 6

Mary Lou Berger Vice Mayor District 3

P. Taylor                                     District 7

City of Boca Raton

Susan Haynie         Mayor

Jeremy Rodgers     Councilman

Michael Mullaugh   Councilman

Scott Singer             Councilman

Robert S Weinroth Deputy Mayor


City of Boynton Beach


Jerry Taylor                              Mayor

Joe Casello             District 4 Vice Mayor

David Merker          District 1

Mack McCray          District 2

Michael Fitzpatrick District 3


City of Delray Beach


Cary Glickstein      Mayor

Shelly Petrolia       Vice-Mayor

Al JacquetDeputy  Vice Mayor

Jordana L. Jarjura Commissioner

Mitch Katz               Commissioner


City of Greenacres


Samuel J.Ferreri        Mayor 

Lisa M. Rivera            Councilwoman District 1

Peter Noble                Councilman       Distrct 2

Judith Dugo                Councilwoman District 3

Jonathan G. Pearce  Councilman      District 4

Paula Bousquet         Councilwoman District 5


City of Hypoluxo


Ken Schultz           Mayor

Michael C. Brown Vice Mayor

William J. Smith    Town Council

Richard J. Roney Town Council

Brad R. Doyle       Town Council

Christine Nagy      Town Council


Juno Beach

Mort Levine           Mayor

Ellen Andel           Vice Mayor

Bill Greene            Vice Mayor Pro Tem

Jim Lyons             Councilmember

Jason Haselkorn Councilmember




Karen Golonka

Todd Wodraska

Jim Kuretski

Ilan Kaufer

Ben Klug

Lake Park

James DuBois              Mayor

Erin Flaherty                 Commissioner

Kimberly Glas-Castro Vice-Mayor

Michael O'Rourke       Commissioner

Kathleen Rapoza        Commissioner

Lake Worth

Pam Triolo                                            Mayor

Scott Maxwell                      District 1 Vice Mayor

Christopher McVoy, Ph.D District 2 

Andy Amoroso                    District 3 Vice Mayor Pro Tem

Ryan Maier                         District 4 


David J.Stewart                 Mayor

Philip J. Aridas                   Vice Mayor Pro Tem

Tom Deringer                     Councilmember

Malcolm Balfour                Vice Mayor

Lynn Moorhouse, D.D.S. Councilmember

Ocean Ridge

Geoffrey A. Pugh    Mayor

Dr. Lynn Allison        Vice Mayor

Gail Adams Aaskov Commissioner

James A. Bonfiglio  Commissioner

Richard J. Lucibella Commissioner

Palm Beach

Gail L. Coniglio                 Mayor

Michael J. Pucillo             President

Richard M. Kleid              President Pro Tem

Danielle H. Moore           Council Member

Penelope D. Townsend Council Member

Robert N. Wildrick           Council Member

Palm Beach Gardens

Eric Jablin             Mayor

David J. Levy        Vice Mayor

Joseph R. Russo Council Member

Bert Premuroso   Council Member

Marcie Tinsley     Council Member

Royal Palm Beach


Matty Mattioli         Mayor 

Richard Valuntas Vice Mayor   Seat 3

Fred Pinto              Councilman Seat 4

Jeff Hmara             Councilman Seat 1

David Swift            Councilman Seat 2




Celia Wade-Brown    Mayor

Ray Ahipene-Mercer Councillor

Jo Coughlan               Councillor

Paul Eagle                  Councillor

Andy Foster                 Councillor

Sarah Free                  Councillor

David Lee                    Councillor

Justin Lester               Councillor

Simon Marsh              Councillor

Iona Pannett               Councillor

Mark Peck                   Councillor

Helene Ritchie           Councillor

Malcolm Sparrow       Councillor

Simon Woolf               Councillor

Nicola Young              Councillor


West Palm Beach


Jeri Muoio           Mayor 

Sylvia Moffett      Commissioner District 1

Cory Neering      Commissioner District 2

Paula Ryan         Commissioner District 3

Keith A. James   Commissioner District 4

Shanon Materio Commissioner District 5


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