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Orange County

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs was elected in 2010 and is currently running for reelection in 2014.

District 1 Commissioner S. Scott Boyd
District 2 Commissioner Fred Brummer
District 3 Commissioner Pete Clarke
District 4 Commissioner Jennifer Thompson
District 5 Commissioner Ted Edwards
District 6 Commissioner Tiffany Moore Russell

Apopka Mayor Joe Kilsheimer was elected Mayor of the City of Apopka in April 2014.

Seat One Commissioner Billie Dean

Seat Two Commissioner Diane Velazquez

Seat Three Commissioner Sam Ruth

Seat Four Vice Mayor Bill Arrowsmith


Belle Isle Mayor William G. Brooks was re-elcted in 2012. 

District 1 Ed Gold Jr.

District 2 Dr. Keith Van Dyke

District 3 Karl Shuck

District 4 Larry Ady

District 5 Harvey Readey

District 6 Lydia Pisano

District 7 Sue Nielsen


Edgewood Mayor Ray Bagshaw

John Dowless       Council President

Neil Powell            Council Member

Pam Henley          Council Member

Michael Hendrix  Council Member

Dan Drummond   Council Member


Maitland Mayor Howard Schieferdecker was elected in 2010 and is up for reelection in 2014

Vice Mayor, Ivan Valdes, Seat #1

Councilwoman, Bev Reponen Seat #2

Councilwoman, Joy Goff-Marcil Seat #3

Councilman, John Lowndes Seat #4


Oakland  Mayor Kathy Stark

Vice Mayor Mike Satterfield (Seat 2)

Commissioner Rick Polland (Seat 1)

Commissioner Willie Welch (Seat 3)

Commissioner Joseph McMullen (Seat 4)


Ocoee Mayor Scott Vandergrift

Commissioner John Grogan (District 1)

Commissioner Rosemary Wilsen (District 2)

Commissioner Rusty Johnson (District 3)

Commissioner Joel Keller (District 4)


Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer was re-elcted in 2012 to what is technically his fourth term. 

District 1 Commissioner: Jim Gray
District 2 Commissioner: Tony Ortiz
District 3 Commissioner: Robert F. Stuart
District 4 Commissioner: Patty Sheehan
District 5 Commissioner: Regina I. Hill
District 6 Commissioner: Samuel B. Ings


Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhn is currently serviing his sixth term.  He was reelected in 2014 for another two ear term.

Council Member Richard Gonzalez

Council Member John Armstrong

Council Member Mike Pirozzolo

Council Member Molly Rose

Council Member Jim O'Brien


Winter Garden Mayor John Rees 

Kent Makin, Commissioner, District 1

Bob Buchanan, Commissioner, District 2

Dr. Robert "Bobby" Olszewski, Commissioner,District 3

Colin Sharman, Commissioner, District 4


Winter Park Mayor Kenneth W. Bradley

Steven Learly Commissioner, Seat 1

Sara Sprinkel Commissioner, Seat 2

Carolyn Cooper Commissioner, Seat 3

Tom McMacken Commisioner, Seat 4


Sex Offender Housing

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