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Manatee County

Manatee County Board of Commissioners


  • Larry Bustle, District One

  • Charles B. Smith, District Two

  • John R. Chappie, District Three

  • Robin DiSabatino, District Four

  • Vanessa Baugh, District Five

  • Carol Whitmore, At Large

  • Chairman Betsy Benac, At Large


Anna Maria

Dan Murphy, Mayor

Doug Copeland, Commissioner

Nancy Yetter, Commissioner

Carol Carter, Commissioner

Charles “Chuck” H. Webb, Commissioner

Dale Woodland, Commissioner


Wayne H. Poston Mayor

Gene Gallo              Ward 1 Councilman

Gene Brown            Ward 2 Vice Mayor

Patrick Roff              Ward 3 Councilman

Bemis Smith           Ward 4 Councilman

 Harold Byrd, Jr.     Ward 5 Councilman


Holmes Beach

Bob Johnson            Mayor

Marvin Grossman    Commissioner

Pat Marton                Commissioner

Jean Peelen            Commissioner

Judy Titsworth         Commissioner

Vacancy                   Commissioner


Longboat Key


Lynn Larson       Commissioner             District 1

Jack Duncan       Mayor 

Terry GansVice  Mayor                            District 3

Jack Daly             Commissioner            District 4

Pat ZunzTown     Commissioner            District 5

Irwin Pastor          Commissioner           At-Large 

Phill Younger       Commissioner           At-Large 





Shirley Groover Bryant Mayor 

Tamara Cornwell           Commissioner At Large 

Harold Smith                   Commissioner Ward 1

Tambra Varnadore        Commissioner Ward 2

Brian Williams                Commissioner Ward 3


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