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Lee County Board of Commissioners


John Manning            District 1

Cecil L Pendergrass District 2

Larry Kiker                  District 3

Brian Hamman          District 4 Chairman of the Board

Frank Mann                District 5 Vice Chairman of the Board

City of Bonita Springs


Ben L. Nelson Jr.  Mayor

Stephen McIntosh District 1

Janet Martin          District 2

Steven Slachta     District 3

Peter Simmons     District 4

Mike Gibson         District 5

Bill Lonkart           District 6

City of Cape Coral


Marni Sawicki                    Mayor

Jim Burch                           District 1 

John Carioscia                  District 2 

Lenny Nesta                      District 3 

Richard Leon                    District 4 

Rana Erbrick                     District 5 

Rick Williams                     District 6 

Derrick L. Donnell Ed. D  District 7 

City of Fort Myers


Randy Henderson        Mayor 

Teresa Watkins-Brown Councilwoman Ward 1

Johnny W. Streets, Jr.  Councilman       Ward 2

Terolyn Watson             Councilman      Ward 3

Michael Flanders          Councilman      Ward 4

Forrest Banks                Councilman      Ward 5

Tom Leonardo              Councilman      Ward 6

Fort Myers Beach


Anita T Cereceda  Mayor

Dan Andre              Vice Mayor

Rexann Hosafros Council Member

Alan Mandel          Council Member

Summer Stockton Council Member



Kevin Ruane      Mayor

Mick Denham     Vice Mayor

Chauncey Goss Councilmember

Marty Harrity       Councilmember

Jim Jennings      Councilmember

Sex Offender Housing

HOST is Helping Offenders Successfully Transition

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Orlando FL 32803
By Appointment Only
Phone (407) 437-3694
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