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Lake County Board of Commissioners

Timothy I. Sullivan  District 1

Sean Parks             District 2

Jimmy Conner        District 3

Leslie Campione   District 4

Welton G. Cadwell District 5

City of Eustis

Albert Eckian                 Mayor                        Seat #:  5

Michael Holland           Vice Mayor               Seat #:  3

Bill Brett                         Commissioner          Seat #:  2

Karen LeHeup-Smith  Commissioner          Seat #:  4

Linda Durham Bob      Commissioner          Seat #:  1

City of Fruitland Park

Chris Bell          Mayor 

Chris Cheshire Vice Mayor      Group 2

John Gunter     Commissioner Group 3

Ray Lewis        Commissioner Group 1

Rick Ranize     Commissioner Group 4

Lady Lake

 Ruth Kussard Mayor               Ward One

Jim  Richards                            Ward Five

 Dan Vincent Mayor Pro-Tem Ward Three

Tony Holden                              Ward Two

Paul Hannan                              Ward Four


Elise A. Dennison          Mayor                  Seat 3 District 3 

Jay Hurley                       Mayor Pro-Tem Seat 1 District 1 

John Christian                Commissioner  Seat 2 District 2 

Robert "Bob" Bone, Jr. Commissioner   Seat 4 At Large 

Dan Robuck, III              Commissioner   Seat 5 At Large 



Pat Kelley                Mayor

Pam Serviss           Vice-Mayor

Lisa Jones              Councilor

Kelly Price              Councilor

Joseph Saunders Councilor

 Mount Dora


Cathy Hoechst   Mayor 

Michael Tedder Councilmember At-Large 

Marie Rich          Councilmember At-Large 

Ryan Donovan  Councilmember District 1

Cal Rolfson        Councilmember District 2

Ed Rowlett          Councilmember District 3

Dennis Wood     Councilmember District 4



Lisa Johnson                         Seat 1

Kirby Smith      Mayor           Seat 2

Bob Grenier     Vice-Mayor Seat 3

Robert Speaks                      Seat 4

Lori Pfister        Vice Mayor Seat 5

Sex Offender Housing

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