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Collier County Board of Commissioners

Donna Fiala                   District 1

Georgia A. Hiller, Esq. District 2

Tom Henning                District 3

Penny Taylor                District 4

Tim Nance                     District 5

City of Marco Island

Joe Batte                       Couniclor

Bob Brown                    Vice-Chair Councilor

Kenneth E. Honecker Couniclor

Larry Honig                  Couniclor

Amadeo R. Petricca   Couniclor

Victor Rios                   Couniclor

Larry Sacher                Chaimran

City of Naples

John Sorey III                Mayor

Margaret "Dee" Sulick Vice-Mayor

Bill Barnett                    Council Member

Doug Finlay                  Council Member

Teresa Heitmann         Council Member

Linda Penniman          Council Member

Sam Saad III                 Council Member

Sex Offender Housing

HOST is Helping Offenders Successfully Transition

Visit other great websites

H.O.S.T. Transition Services, LLC
1060 Woodcock Rd
Orlando FL 32803
By Appointment Only
Phone (407) 437-3694
Phone hours 9AM - 5PM Eastern Time


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