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Collier County Board of Commissioners

Donna Fiala                   District 1

Georgia A. Hiller, Esq. District 2

Tom Henning                District 3

Penny Taylor                District 4

Tim Nance                     District 5

City of Marco Island

Joe Batte                       Couniclor

Bob Brown                    Vice-Chair Councilor

Kenneth E. Honecker Couniclor

Larry Honig                  Couniclor

Amadeo R. Petricca   Couniclor

Victor Rios                   Couniclor

Larry Sacher                Chaimran

City of Naples

John Sorey III                Mayor

Margaret "Dee" Sulick Vice-Mayor

Bill Barnett                    Council Member

Doug Finlay                  Council Member

Teresa Heitmann         Council Member

Linda Penniman          Council Member

Sam Saad III                 Council Member

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