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Brevard County Board of Commissioners


Robin Fisher     District 1  (Chair) Commissioner 

Jim Barfield       District 2  (Vice Chair) Commissioner 

Trudie Infantini  District 3 Commissioner  

Curt Smith         District 4 Commissioner 

Andy Anderson District 5 Commissioner 

City of Cape Canaveral


Rocky Randels   Mayor 

Bob Hoog           Mayor Pro Tem

John Bond          Council Member

Buzz Petsos       Council Member

Betty Walsh        Council Member


City of Cocoa


Henry U. Parrish III Mayor  

Michael Blake        Councilman         District1

Brenda Warner      Deputy Mayor     District 2

Don Boisvert          Councilman         District 3

Tyler Furbish         Councilman         District 4

City of Cocoa Beach


Netterstrom    Mayor                  Seat 1

Tim Tumulty   Commissioner   Seat 2

Ben Malik       Commissioner   Seat 3

Skip Williams Commissioner   Seat 4

Mike Miller     Commissioner   Seat 5

City of Indialantic


Dave Berkman    Mayor 

Mayor Stu Glass Deputy Mayor    Seat 4

Dick Dunn           Councilmember Seat 3

Randy Greer       Councilmember Seat 1

Jill Hoffman         Councilmember Seat 2

City of Melbourne


Kathy Meehan     Mayor 

Mike Nowlin         Council Member District 1

Betty Moore          Vice Mayor          District 2

Dan Porsi             Council Member District 3

Debbie Thomas  Council Member District 4

Molly Tasker        Council Member District 5

Teresa Lopez      Council Member District 6


Town of Melbourne Beach


Jim Simmons      Mayor

Jean Marshall     Vice Mayor

Sandy Wilson      Commissioner

Gail Gowdy         Commissioner

Margot Dorfman Commissioner

Palm Bay


William Capote      Mayor

Harry Santiago Jr. Deputy Mayor

Michele Paccione Seat 3 

Tres Holton             Seat 4

Jeff Bailey               Seat 5



Thomas J. Price              Chair Mayor 

Dr. Joe Lee Smith          Council       Seat 1

Richard K. "Dick" Blake Council      Seat 2

T. Patrick O'Neill             Vice Chair  Seat 3

Frank T. Forester            Council       Seat 4

E. Georgia Phillips         Council       Seat 5

Ted J. Hartselle               Council      Seat 6

Satellite Beach

Frank Catino

Dominick Montanaro

Mark Brimer

Lorraine Gott

Steve Osmer



James H. Tulley, Jr. Mayor

Walt Johnson            Vice Mayor

Matt Barringer 

Rita Pritchett 

Martha Long 

West Melbourne


Hal J. Rose       Mayor

Bill Mettrick       Deputy Mayor

Pat Bentley       Council Member

Barbara Smith  Council Member

Andrea Young  Council Member

Stephany Eley Council Member

John Tice          Council Member

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