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If your request is related to housing for a specific person, it's best to fill out our application for assistance.  It will help you provide us with the necessary information neeed.

Write us:


HOST Transition Services, LLC

1060 Woodcock Road

Orlando, FL 32803

PO Box 618665

Orlando FL 32861

Phone (407) 437-3694

We need and would appreciate your suppport.

Our website is absolutely free to use for research about sex offender advocacy, research related to sex offender housing, sex offender residency restrictions, sex offender registration or sex offender supervison.


You may also email or call us for free advice.


We are however, an organizaition that currently receives no funding and we would appreciate any and all who would consider either making a donation, using our fundraising store or shopping from our on line store as ways to support us if you are not in need of our transition services for yourself.   Your donation can help sponser an offender to receive the support they desperately need. 

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