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H.O.S.T. is a company committed to providing support to the sex offender community. While we do not support the crimes offenders may have committed, what we do support is the chance for an offender who has made a mistake, paid for their mistake, and is now willing to comply with the law, to get their life back on track. This in turn becomes a service for the entire community.  While it is certainly understandable for some within the community to have no desire to see offenders receive support, the goal of H.O.S.T. is to help educate why the opposite approach is better. The truth of the matter is that offenders get released from prison. They exist in your community whether you support them or not. Rather than forcing them to overcome obstacles on their own, providing their solutions gives them the incentive to comply with the law rather than reoffend.


.H.O.S.T. offers many services that can be found in its own sections from the main navigation menu on top of this page. However, the main purpose of our website is to do far more than advertise our services. In our main section you will find news and information on many sex offender related issues.  H.O.S.T. is not about fighting charges but rather is about dealing with the conviction and the issues that face convicted felons. There are lawyers that help during the court process but there doesn’t seem to be any type of counselors that help after a conviction. There are living restrictions, probation, GPS monitoring, travel restrictions, curfews and required therapy that all have to be dealt with. While there are people that offenders will be dealing with for some time to come such as probation officers and therapists, there didn’t seem to be anyone that is there to help the offender on an overall basis.


Whether you found our website because you have a loved one facing this or simply because your curiosity landed you here our main purpose is to help educate both offenders as well as non offenders on what faces offenders after being released from prison. Obviously offenders that are still incarcerated are unable to access this information. We will gladly correspond with them by mail asthat is usually their only means of communication with us. This website however is dedicated to the entire community.


Assistance with housing and rehabilitation resources for those convicted of non-violent crimes including sex offenders.  Sex offenders residing in other states who are NOT on probation are welcome to apply. Sex offenders on probation in other states require an interstate compact, the technical term for transferring probation from one state to another.  It's possible, but a long process.


Our residents are fully committed to successfully reintegrating into society. Through collaborative partnership agreements, our company is able to provide quality housing, placement services plus other vital supports to meet client specific goals in an effort to promote and reinforce rehabilitative objectives. Through lifelong, individual encouragement, accountability and proactive support, former criminal offenders are mentored to overcome all the challenges of building a new life; reducing the possibility of  recidivism and contributing back to the community.

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