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News Archives 11/11/2014 - 11/20/2014



Sex offender held in death of woman in Mendocino County


Law Enforcement Searching for Sex Offender


Convicted sex offender arrested for online activity


Sex offender convicted of failing to register online accounts


Court postpones trial of accused sex offender


National City Repeals Sex Offender Ordinance


Tribes work to create sex offender registers


Proposed County Sex Offender Bill Remains in Committee


Sex offender's bus has parents on alert


Omaha sex offender sentenced to 95 years Tuesday




Sex offenders pre-approved to live in your neighborhood?


Backlash grows against sex offender program


Registered Sex Offender from Lima Sentenced to 35 Years


Omaha sex offender sentenced to 95 years Tuesday


National City repeals sex offender ordinance


Police warn of school bus-driving sex offender


Sex offender sweep leads to one arrest


9th Circuit says sex offender Internet rules violate free speech




Officials Still Fixing Vermont Sex-Offender Registry


Sex crimes: Sex offender laws


VT Lawmakers Propose Changes to Sex Offender Registry


Fugitive sex offender's skull found by dog ID'd


Court blocks sex-offender reporting requirement


TONIGHT at 11pm: Sex offenders set free in San Diego


Victims' families consider convicted sex offender's sentence too light


Expert panel Recommendations issued for sex offender program


8 On Your Side discovers incorrect, missing sex offender data


Police propose notification system for sex offenders




What controversial technique does NY use for confined sex offenders?


Luther Police arrest Logan Co. sex offender


Lawmakers briefed on sex offender registry


Ohio sex offender arrested in N.J. just 6 days out of jail, says report


Serial Oswego County sex offender attacks indefinite confinement law


Skull found in Austin field belonged to fugitive sex offender




Salinas Sex Offender Pleads No Contest On Charges Stemming from Nothridge Mall Incident


Registered sex offender had internet access, unreported screen names


Richmond has sex offender status lowered


Share “NY law keeps worst sex offenders in legal...”


Search NY sex offenders confined indefinitely in mental hospitals after prison (photos)


Little-known NY law keeps worst sex offenders off the streets and out of sight - possibly forever


Inside a closed courtroom: What happens in a sex offender civil proceeding


Sex-offender conditions eased for Steubenville football player


Where do homeless sex offenders go in Columbus?


Sex Offender's Requirements Cut




Level 3 sex offender facing failure to register charge


Task force conducts sex offender compliance check


Sex offender nabbed after failing to register


Troy sex offender charged again


Police looking for sex offender


Judge reduces sex offender registration requirements for football player convicted in Steubenville ...


Judge reduces sex offender status for Steubenville teenager involved in rape


Sex-Offender Conditions Eased for Football Player




Sex offender wanted by Benton County authorities


Sex Offender Loophole


Inside NZ's first child sex offender treatment centre


Mama June dated another sex offender


Judge lowers Richmond's sex offender classification


Deputies: Sex offender failed to notify deputies of Facebook account


'Honey Boo Boo's' Mama June says two of her daughters were fathered by another sex offender


Sex offender wanted by Benton County authorities


Sex offender denies any involvement in woman's disappearance




Elderly Florida sex offender gets house arrest after lewd convictions


Former judge says sex offender registry gives 'false sense' of security


Sex offender accused of sexual assault in Largo


3 sex offenders have new addresses


I-Team: Looking for homeless sex offenders


Lawmakers weigh in on sex offender registry special report


Bakersfield American Legion leader is registered sex offender


Convicted sex offender from Glen Cove charged in new child pornography case


Mama June reveals ties to second sex offender




Sex offender charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend


Sex offender jailed, faces drug charges


Sex offender tries to change license, is jailed


KPD arrests sex offender after attempting to meet 13-year-old girl


FOX19 Investigates: Sex offenders in local nursing homes


Mama June's Daughter Says Sex Offender Might Be Her Sister's Dad (VIDEO)


Gov. Beebe responds to criticism over sex offender pardon


Police say sex offender used Facebook alias to meet boy


Owego sex offender accused of failing to register




Missing mom from MA last seen with a sex offender


Missing woman last seen with Level 3 sex offender, sister says


FOX19 Investigates: Sex offenders in local nursing homes


Halloween check nets sex offender who moved


Honey Boo Boo's sister Anna Cardwell says her sister Pumpkin believes sex offender Mark ...


Man who went to prison as a juvenile sex offender: Lena Dunham is lucky


Sex offender used Facebook to meet teen, police say




Sex Offender Housing

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